Original Art by Michele Strahan

Catching the energy of fleeting images in motion inspires my artistic being. My paintings spark impressions that foreshadow my metal creations. Using fire to create my sculptures creates a joyful feeling inside.    
 I feel the joy when I’m moved by the sight of the moon, a butterfly, a sunrise, a sunset, a dance or even a kiss.   
I hope you enjoy my works of art as much as I enjoy making them!

(We are currently in the process of building this site.  If you have questions, or would like to buy something, please use the Contact Me boxes below)

Spring: Acrylic on 24 gauge steel.  34 inches high by 34 inches wide.  Loves the outdoors: $275.00 dollars  

Scary Cat:
Torched from sheet metal, 24 gauge, 20 inches by 14 inches.  Made to be outdoors but scares just as well indoors :) $150.00 dollars

Blue Lily
Acrylic on 24 gauge sheet steel, torched from fire.  38 inches high by 32 inches tall.  Lives ​outside  on fences or houses: $275.00 dollars

Waiting Cat: Torched from fire!  Acrylic on 24 gauge steel. Made for the outdoors but waits inside nicely: $150.00 dollars.

Kissing Heart: Multicolored patina on 24 gauge sheet steel.  28 inches high and 25 inches wide.  Made to live outside but warms the inside : $ 325.00 dollars.

The Walk: Gold patina on 24 gauge sheet steel..  $255.00 dollar

Butterfly: In Process, torched from fire    24 gauge sheet steel.

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